The trainings organized by My career are a possibility for the skills and knowledge of your employees to be futher upgrated with the experiese that out trainers share during the trainings and the possiblity to excersise, practise and implement the new skills in an enviroment that that provides them with a constructive feedback as a basis for individual development... READ MORE

Communication Skills

Helping employees improve their personal communication skills through practical knowledge and skills on verbal, nonverbal and written communication, practicing listening skills especially active listening... READ MORE

Sales Skills

Give your employees an opportunity to improve their sales skills through practicing selling skills, finding out the needs of the clients, initial knowledge of market analysis as well as improve the communication skills during the sales process... READ MORE

Team Integration

Introducing basic concept of building teams, how to build effective and high performance team, team roles and types of teams... READ MORE

Creative Human Resource Management

Creating an open approach in the communication within the group in order to transferr knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding human resource management... READ MORE