Course Objective:

The course objective is for your employees to be introduced to basic concept of building teams, how to build effective and high performance team, team roles and types of teams. Furthermore, the course will focus on importance of planning team building activities, managing team conflicts as well as developing the skills of the team members. The participants will have the opportunity to plan and identify the common team goal, organize the resources, practice effective communication and balance the support and challenges.

After course completion the participants will have the following skills:

ŸAbility to recognize team roles, and to make a self-assessment on their individual role in the team;

ŸTo understand the team building stages and relate them to their own teams;

ŸTo recognize the factors influencing team work and ways of to overcome them;

ŸOpportunity to practice team making decisions, and use the tools for accomplishing a consensus; and

ŸAbility to practice the trust building and communication skills which are essential for successful teams.


What is a team

  1. Test for roles in a Team according to Belbin
  2. Stages in building of a team
  3. How to achieve a successful team
  4. Reaching decisions in a team
    • Pareto analysis, Comparison analysis
    • Decision tree, Plus / minus / interesting
    • Six thinking hats
  5. Building trust and communication as essential for team functioning